Repairs (Fixed Cost)
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Has yourPeugeot CdstoppedEjecting andJammedand just clicking if so we can repair this for you.

Just replacing the unit is not that easy as it is married to the vehicle.

This service is for thePeugeot -Clarion PU2471units as shown here only.

We are a major service centre for most brands of car audio and have been repairing car audio for nearly 20 years now.

If the unit is beyond economical repair or needs the laser replaced we will contact you, if the unit is subsequently returned unrepaired we will only charge 10.00 for carriage.

All work and parts supplied are covered by our 90 day warranty & our workshop turnaround time is target is 48hrs.

All you will need to do is make a "Buy now" purchase, remove the Head unit from your vehicle parcel it up well, and send it to us with a copy of your paypal purchase details.

Make sure you get a posting receipt from your parcel service provider.

We do repairs to most makes of car audio please ask if you have any questions.


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